Ardent Hearts

We are inspired by the image of Volunteer Maria, Elena, and Igor, who, coming to the frontline, call out loudly: ‘For starters, you’ll have starters today’! After 24 February, we gathered in Kolomyia and decided to cook borschts and soups because they like nothing else remind us of home.

Тарілка з борщем

We do business as a social enterprise, i.e. we donate all money earned and collected to cook hot meals for soldiers

Military sponsorship

We cover all our military orders at prime cost only, both raw materials and work hours of our staff. We will continue working this way until the war ends when our social goal is achieved.


As of June, we employ 54 workers: 35 drying vegetables, with 19 packing final products. We pay UAH 75 per hour. Working full-time, you can make UAH 13,000 in a month.

Economic activity

We pay taxes and create jobs. This way, people stay in Ukraine and thereby spend their money here using local services and paying VAT.

Тарілка з овочами

A new simple recipe

Our borschts and soups require no cooking. They consist of minced dry vegetables, cooked meat, and pre-dried flavourful dressing. Poured over with boiling water, the ingredients taste as delicious as travel or space freeze-dried products. All you need to do is infuse for about 5 to 15 minutes and enjoy. We bet that you will be impressed by this flavour.

When we are fully busy
54 employees come on shift
Our team and equipment produce
700 packages a day
Hot meals are served for
3500 soldiers daily

Our products

We created four recipes in two versions: meat, vegan, big five-portion, and individual. We sell big packs at prime cost, while individual ones come with a special surcharge to raise money to get food for soldiers.

We ship orders only within Ukraine. At the moment, unfortunately, we cannot ship our products abroad.
However, you can support us with donations. We will send products for this amount to the defenders.


Eating hot borscht feels super great. I’ll let you know when my supply runs out. I gave some of your tasty stuff to guys near us and everyone is delighted, we can’t get enough of that around here.

Payton Harris

Thank you! Guys appreciated it. Very tasty borscht.

Payton Harris

You’ve come up with a really cool idea. Back in the ATO, they used to bring us dried borscht, but it wasn’t like this one at all. We pour boiling water onto this one, and it’s tastier. Very handy in our circumstances. Wouldn’t it be great if we could serve it in portions for one plate? Foreign field rations include a lot of sublimates, but your borscht is a total masterpiece.

Payton Harris

Yesterday, I got a box each of corn soup, kharcho soup, and borscht. The other day, I’ll send it over to Luhansk. I’ve just told the guys, they’re very pleased and want something light.

Payton Harris

Greetings! Yesterday, I ‘tested’ your kharcho soup. Total blast! Thank you!

Payton Harris

My big respect to whoever came up with this. My family loved the meat borschts. And best of all, you don’t have to add anything but water. It’s very important for the army. Well, I wonder what soups taste like.

Payton Harris

Mass media about us


  • Caloric value of borschts and soups

    The caloric value of our meat-based entrées ranges from 107 to 153 kcal per serving. Vegan entrées range from 83 to 123 kcal. The highest-calorie dish among meat dishes is kharcho soup, while the highest-calorie among vegan dishes is Kolomyia’s borscht. For a proper meal, we would still recommend adding bread and a second course.

  • Storage conditions

    Vacuumized dry foods require no special storage conditions. Big meat products can be stored for up to three months if the packaging is not broken, while vegan products can be stored for up to six months. All individual packages can be stored for up to one year. If the packaging is not vacuum-sealed, the shelf life is reduced by up to three times. This information is available on each package.

  • Product safety

    All ingredients in our meals are heat-treated. Besides, they are poured over with boiling water before being consumed. Vegetables undergo a drying process at a temperature of 55°C, while meat—unless it’s ready-to-eat Kabanosy—is dried at 70°C. We inspect every batch of food thoroughly.

  • Prime cost

    The calculations include the cost of vegetables and meat, electricity, payroll, and taxes. The prime cost per serving is UAH 20 on average.

  • Suspending dishes

    You can donate, and we will send borschts and soups to the frontline via volunteer organizations.

    Payment details for donations

Слава Україні! Слава нашим Захисникам! Слава Україні! Слава нашим Захисникам! Слава Україні! Слава нашим Захисникам!
Слава Україні! Слава нашим Захисникам! Слава Україні! Слава нашим Захисникам! Слава Україні! Слава нашим Захисникам!

Feed the soldiers


Three easy ways to give an order to the army.


By ordering a pack for a volunteer organization. Both large and small packs come at prime cost.


By donating using Kolomyia's Borscht payment details. We will send the packs to the volunteers up to your cost.


By buying borschts or soups for yourself. Individual packs come with a 12% surcharge. By doing so, we build a fund for ‘suspended’ meals.

Payment details

You can donate, and we will send borschts and soups to the frontline via volunteer organizations

📍Mono Bank:
Mono Bank card number 5375411201469165
📍PayPal: (Анна Янковець)
📍International Bank:
LT51 3250 0160 5758 6052 (Revolut ID: @hryhorapy5; SWIFT transfers: recipient’s name: Hryhorii Probytiuk, bank’s SWIFT: REVOLT21, address Kretingos g. 36, Klaipeda, Lithuania ,92307).

Also, you can buy individual packs for your family or yourself. The surcharge for individuals is 12%. It helps us provide meals to the frontline.